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The Netherlands Business development New designed floating solar system under development with will increase the O&M cost and where bifacial modules can be used and help to increase the energy output with 5-15% depending on local elements.
China Business development Specific supplier for MWT and IBC cell solar modules help them in R&D and international business development. 
The Netherlands Sourcing support + quality control Based on the specifications finding a supplier of a very specific element in solar modules to bring the temperature drastically down to improve the energy output and do the quality control.


Quality control

Mounting system supplier check of several factories where they make different elements of mounting structures.

The Netherlands

Sourcing + Outsourcing support

Duurzaam betrokken. Business development support as the intermediary with several partners in China 

The Netherlands

Sourcing + Outsourcing support 

EVO Professional. The entire process of manufacturing inclusive quality control of ODM mounting structure in China


Business Development

Finding unknown inverter companies in China who don't have any market presence in Europe


Quality Control

Decreasing the failure rate of outsourced materials production in China

The Netherlands

Sourcing + Outsourcing Support

New module factory. ODM production of the frame and junction box, and sourcing other materials in China


Business Development

For high-end quality double glass manufacturer creates a foothold in Europe. Arrange distributors, warehousing, service center, local marketing


Business Development

Find distributors in The Netherlands for a high-end microinverter manufacturer


By country/region:




A leading distributor wanted to add more value to their sales process. Xilia helped them to find the right insurance components to offer to the distribution network.


Project funding

A Chinese project developer has a lack of cash to continue to develop very large scale projects. By the Guanxi we connected them directly to interested investors.

China – the Netherlands

Brand building

A module manufacturer wanted to sponsor a high profile, solar related event. Xilia consulted the process and developed a related local marketing campaign to support the sponsoring efforts.

China -Europe

Marketing campaign

A Chinese inverter manufacturer faced stable sales in a few EU countries, but a lack of sales increase. Xilia developed a very focused, sales driven marketing campaign and introduced them to selected new sales channels and installers.

China -Europe

New market development

A growing inverter company wanted to enter entire Europe but not spend all the money to set up the country organizations, sales network etc. Xilia developed an EU wide, but very targeted marketing campaign, the company introduction to local distributors and set up of local service in all countries involved. Result: huge cost savings, direct sales take-off and minimum loss of time to market after the decision. 


Sales & service

Recently Xilia added several new (local) EU service companies to her network enabling local support for Asian manufactures in case of warranty and a short time to market. Improving trust and sales.


Modules, Bankability

A Japanese distributor faced problems to sell Chinese modules. Xilia started auditing the factory and made a report for banks/customers/investors to show the quality and reliability as well as the financial stability of the company. Additional an insured service contract was implemented as part of the module price.


De-risking distribution

A new countrywide distributor asked our help to find a local insurance for all their activities. Within our network, we connected them to a local insurance partner. On top of that also with an insurance-backed service contract. Part of this process was a specific factory audit: a customer wanted to check the production during the actual production period:  For three weeks our specialists were watching the production 24/7.


Project Development

A project developer had 15MW developed, ready to build. Xilia introduced this developer to two experienced EPC contractors in China. Both are now in negotiation for bringing in bridge finance and about building the installation. Xilia also connected the developer to an interested investor to buy the project once commissioned.


Project-Investor matchmaking

Serious (large) projects under development based on grid parity. No feed-in tariff. Projects based on high energy price and high sun irradiation. Very high IRR. Xilia connected the parties involved to investors from Korea, China and Japan.


De-risking, Business development, Investor matchmaking

A battery manufacturer and an e-vehicle manufacturer wanted to develop a battery exchange business. Xilia helped them to build up the related business model and provided de-risking solutions with several components including service aspects. Halfway this process Xilia found an additional and suitable investor to join the project.



A tracker manufacturer asked Xilia for a specific de-risking project. Goal: to convince the bank to finance a project for one of their valued customers. Xilia set up a team in a short timeframe consisting of an insurance-, financial- and auditor specialist. This team made the connections with the insurance partner, provided a technical evaluation as well as a bankability report in order to acquire the needed project finance.


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