Xilia Quality Philosophy

The Xilia Quality Philosophy is the first clear and open Quality standard in the PV market.

It makes a clear difference in the several QA locations (manufacturer, plant site), stages (financial, technical, inline, preshipment, pre-installation, plant) and certification coverage (manufacturer, project).

Finaly certification is practical and reusable for all stages and purposes. And above all: you don't need complete new certification cycles:  excisting audit reprots and certification can often serve as the base documents for the Xilia certification cycle giving you also access to our complete (All Risk Cover PV insurance) and innovative insurance (additional Xilia coverage on PV insurance) products. For both manufacturers and project developers (including small sized and residential markets) a pragmatic, understandable and affordable solution.



Detailed explanatory coverage on these stages you'll find on the following pages:

Xilia Manufacturer Quality Certificate

Investor Concerns & Derisking overview