The standard in Solar certification since 2015

Xilia has developed Solar modules and inverter certification to a new standard in the industry: Certificate of Quality.

In the first decade of the 21st century, factory and product audits were introduced to the solar industry to ensure access to bankability (finance) and derisking (insurance) for investors in PV products and technology.

Known certificates, until today the industry standard, are merely based on desk research and analysis of available data sources in the first stages of the product lifecycle, mainly covering (a part of) the production.

In a developed market environment, more and more parties involved see the shortcomings of the system of certification: although certificated a real insight, risk qualification or actual product monitoring is not even close at hand with these certificates. It will not separate the wheat from the chaff in any perspective.

The result is many brands without having a good constant quality have all the certificates. What is the value of them?

Being involved in financial and derisking certification since 2008, Xilia has developed the most comprehensive set of certification parameters for the industry. 

The Xilia certification cycle is modular and can, therefore, be composed depending on specific needs, covering:

  • Quality control (base materials, assembly & production, final product, pre- and after shipment quality control, local pre-installation control)
  • Sourcing quality control
  • Search quality outsourcing partners in China
  • Financial audit (Company, holding, warranty coverage, stability forecasting)
  • Environmental (incl. sourced base materials, production and wastemanagement)
  • Labour (conditions and related to quality aspects)
  • Company ethics (check on contractual reliability, SLA & warranty coverage and handling, service attitude and handling, service process transparency and speed)
  • Local support/ representation/ information
  • Bankability reports (written from banks/investors risk mitigation look)
  • Legal reliability (EU & MIP regulations etc.)
  • Communicate the quality (marketing support)

The Xilia audit cycle is not a desk research based certification process: active field research is executed in all described stages of certification cycle.  By doing so we offer the deepest quality insight available in the market:  from the base-materials, production to (local) pre-installation qualification.

The certification is only available for companies who have quality in their genes. Only the highest proven quality will be approved.

Depending on the need for quality, Xilia offers even more specific packages for projects or distribution partners covering detailed quality and de-risking process components like:

  • Quality control (QC) during the production
  • Factory inspection of potential outsourcing of production 
  • Factory inspection of potential sourcing partner
  • Random pre-shipment QC
  • Pre- and after shipment QC
  • Pre-and after onsite and/or local pre-installation QC
  • Localized marketing support and communication

Depending on your needs we are open to discussing additional certification or detailing to meet your needs. Please contact Xilia support services by using the form on this website.