All Risk cover PV Insurance

In the following, you can find our highlights of the Classic policies’ written terms and conditions.

You can download the full PV Insurance specs here

Insured risks
All risk cover, in particular for example:

  •  Fire, lightning, explosion
  •  Operating mistakes, clumsiness, negligence
  •  Smouldering, glowing, burning, incandescence, implosion
  •  Surge voltage, induction, short-circuit
  •  Water, moisture, flooding
  •  Maliciousness of third parties, sabotage, vandalism, theft, burglary, robbery, plundering
  •  Act of God (e.g. elemental natural forces, such as hail, storm, snow pressure, frost)
  •  Construction, material or execution faults
  •  Animal bite through mouse, or other animals
  •  Earthquake
  •  Riot or civil commotion
  •  Volcanic eruption
  •  Claims of the insured companies mutually
  •  The insurer renounces in the damage case recourse claims against the insured companies
  •  Terror risk
  •  Technology progress
  •  Provident insurance
  •  Including of further policyholders are possible

Insured objects
The plant called in the contract of insurance and all shares belonging to the plant, in particular also:

  •  Photovoltaic modules
  •  Module carriers, installations, accessories, mounting kits
  •  Charge controllers
  •  Inverters, dry-type transformers only up to the medium-voltage power grid 36 kW (voltage) / 50 kVA to 40 MVA (output). Higher outputs are calculated separately and have to be reported to the insurer
  •  Generation and export controller
  •  Overvoltage protective device
  •  Corresponding direct current and alternating current wiring
  •  Electricity meters owned by and accessed by the policyholder
  •  Security devices (such as surveillance cameras, fencing)
  •  Foundation
  • Electronic control systems; data carries which cannot be replaced bat he user; data provided that such data is required for  the basic function of the PV facility and the policyholder has a recoverable back-up
  • Operating supply items, tools of any kind and all parts which, according to experience, have to be replaced on several occasion throughout the lifetime of the photovoltaic facility, e.g. fuses, light source, non-rechargeable batteries are covered if such items are damaged, destroyed or lost due to the occurrence of an otherwise indemnifiable loss
  •  Energy storage devices and energy storage systems for photovoltaic facilities are covered, provided that these items are contained in the sum insured.

Not insured risks
War/intention of the policyholder / nuclear energy / normal and untimely wear

Indemnity by loss of earning

  • Up to 2.50 € per kWp installed putout per day at first risk, a max. however the actual loss income per kWp/ day
  • With corresponding proof higher loss costs can also be asserted, a max. however the actual loss of income per kWp/day

Liability period
A period of liability of 12 months is deemed as agreed.

Insurance location
The business property described in the insurance contract
 Insured objects are also deemed as insured outside of the insured location if they are temporarily located outside of the insured location for the purpose of repair, revision or overhaul
 Transport to the location of repair and back is deemed as co-insured

Insured value
Appropriate manufacturing costs of the insured plant including delivery costs (e.g. costs for packing, freight, customs, fixing equipment and assembly)


  •  Waiver of recourse
  •  Waiver of under-insurance
  •  Co-insurance of operating companies

Begin with the insurance

  •  At the agreed time, earliest the readiness for operation

Calculation of compensation

  •  The insurer will pay in case of a partial loss, the payment fort he necessary costs for reinstating the damaged photovoltaic installation on the day of the loss
  •  In the case of a total loss the payment of the agreed insured sum

The necessary costs will also be compensated for

  •  Removal of debris, decontamination, and disposal costs
  •  Sue and labour costs
  •  Air freight costs, provisional solution, salvage operations
  •  Storage of replacement parts and accessories
  •  Scaffoldings for ground-mounted PV facilities
  •  Loss locating costs
  •  Dismantling and reassembly costs due to structural damage to buildings
  •  Claim-related work on roofs and facings in the case of roof-mounted facilities
  •  Fire extinguishing costs