Additional Xilia insurance coverage

You can download the full PV Insurance specs here

Cover against Reduced Yield

– if requested insurable
The Insurer will compensate reduced yield, if the prognosticated energy return p.a. accordant with profit
survey or profit expertise has fallen short about more than 10%.

The Insurer will compensate reduced yields by

  •  A reduced global ultraviolet radiation in comparison with profit survey
  •  Compensation is limited to 30% of the prognosticated energy return p.a. relating to the profit survey

Your advantages as audit-client from Xilia:

With the Premium coverage we offer additionally to the above mentioned highlights:

Extended and higher necessary costs:

  •  Internal operational failures of electronic components
  •  Costs for the building of temporary roads
  •  Renaturisation costs
  •  Third party property

Extend the insured risks for the Cover against Reduced Yield:

  •  Components defects
  •  Internal operational failures involving photovoltaic modules and electronic components
  •  Wear and tear and soiling of components