De-Risking & Bankability

Solar asset protection for projects and investors

Solar asset protection for projects and investors

We give you the tools so you know you buy something good

With drastically fallen PV prices at an unprecedented level over the last years, quality control is more important than ever. Forced by huge competition the risk manufacturers take shortcuts to save money is luring. This increases the potential risks for investors.

Also, more and more outsourcing to China is more common. Check the local partners, their financial stability is necessary to build a long-term relationship with consistent quality of the outsourced materials.

What truly makes a PV project or investment “bankable” (stable enough to ensure profitability)? Trust, proven quality, and most people will tell Tier1 at Bloomberg. Xilia know by experience there is more than that to achieve bankability. Let us know when you have interest.

Despite the hugely successful market development of PV over the last 10 years, due to a lack of familiarity with technologies and suppliers, some investors continue to view PV as a higher-risk investment than other options for their capital. 

Xilia is the right partner to take away fear as we have the blueprint for these processes, including the right (reliable and experienced) partners to execute these trajects meticulous and – if necessary – fast. Our long industry experience is just another asset to solve any unexpected questions in the process of certification: the right answers from the right parties or institutes. In time.

Some of the Xilia services in the area of de-risking and bankability:

  • Independent factory audits for modules, (micro) inverters, trackers, transformers, mounting system
  • Quality improvement & cost reduction expertise and consultancy
  • Independent component testing services
  • Packaging and pre-logistics certification
  • Expert consultation on good workmanship and output insurance
  • Independent insurance advice and services
  • Sourcing inclusive quality control
  • Outsourcing inclusive quality control. Bring best of both worlds together from the EU & Asia
  • ....

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