Business development & New market entrance

Creating opportunities, increase sales

Creating opportunities, increase sales

We help you to sell more. Not as a quick win: we partner up, durable.

Business and market development

Achieving your business goals is not only dependent on market opportunities but also in creating them. Outsourcing (a part of) the production or products can have a lot of benefits. Finding the right match to achieve your sourcing & outsourcing goals is where Xilia business development is focussing on. Outsourcing & sourcing in China can be very lucrative and at the same time very challenging. Finding the right partner with the right quality, financially stable is extremely complicated.  

For Chinese manufacturers, Xilia helps you to sell more. Your manufacturing excellence and know-how, our proven products-, communication- and market expertise outside Asia are the right ingredients to create more success.

Everything we do is intended to help you step out the price competition by communicating your added values and excellence. We make your brand more personal. From tracking industry trends to researching competitors to gaining consumer insights. We live and breathe your business with you because it's the only way to know whether every move is the right move.

Our ability to translate your growth wish into clear market opportunities and get you there is the power of Xilia. We connect you with potential distributors, arrange warehousing and local servicing for your products.

We also can arrange all marketing & communication for your company. From our initial meeting, through every follow-up, throughout the creative and media planning process and the implementation of every promotion or initiative, we serve as your conduit between the goal and the result. Our experience makes the bridge between Asia and Europe.

Online and social media

Dynamic interactive will create profound opportunities for customers. Particularly those who are seeking for products like yours.
We offer a thorough understanding of technology as a medium, enabling our clients to capitalize on digital media's ability to respond quickly to shifts in consumer demand, media consumption patterns, and sales opportunities. Not to mention the opportunity for in-depth visitor tracking, database building, ROI data and an understanding of how your customers are responding to your products and services. From search analytics to search engine marketing ... from social media marketing to banner ads and email campaigns ... there's no end to the new ways we can reach new customers for you.

Print, advertisement, and traditional media

Today's sophisticated media environment is filled with a multitude of choices. We possess the expertise to understand those choices and the wisdom to know which are the right choices for reaching your target.
From traditional to new media, effective spending requires a firm grasp of all the options and opportunities. Not only should a media recommendation be right for your budget, it should be right for the message and right for the audience we're targeting. We're versed in the art of squeezing your marketing budget to make each euro count twice.

Also: we are open to discussing to connect our pricing to your extra sales.